• Welcome to the Scarsdale Teachers Institute

    Ann Marie Nee, Director

    Christine Cecere, Policy Board Chair

    Fran Garafolo, Administrative Assistant

    Jodi Giroux, Technology Assistant to the STI

    Lisa Scavelli, Assistant to the Director

    (914) 721-2580

    The Scarsdale Teachers Institute offers continuous professional education to the faculty of the Scarsdale and Edgemont schools, teachers in other school districts, and community residents. 

    Scarsdale teachers began this program with the belief that the best teachers are alert, open-minded people who continue to learn and to translate their insights into appropriate experiences for their students.

    Offering a variety of professional experiences in response to the needs of those working with children, the Institute contributes to an atmosphere of intellectual inquiry that stimulates the staff to continue learning. This professional interaction benefits the students and the staff of the Scarsdale and Edgemont school districts.

    Scarsdale and Edgemont teachers also endorse the principle that cooperation among autonomous groups is fundamental to growth and is essential to progress in education. They view the Institute as a laboratory for this principle. Here, various groups of teachers, administrators, and community leaders may work together for a valued purpose.

    Supported by the Scarsdale Teachers Association, the Edgemont Teachers Association, and the Scarsdale and Edgemont Boards of Education, the Institute reaffirms the principles of professional autonomy and professional collaboration inherent in the highest quality of professional development.

    The Scarsdale Teachers Institute is a member of the Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers of New York State. As one of the founding members of the Lower Hudson Teacher Center Network, the Scarsdale Teachers Institute collaborates and cooperates with other teacher centers to provide professional growth opportunities for the entire educational community.