WC DoH Health Risk Communication Form

Key Items to Consider Before Allowing Your Child to Engage in Higher-Risk Sports and Recreation Activities

• COVID-19 is still highly prevalent and variant strains have been continually appearing.
• Higher-risk sports and recreation activities increase the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 among students, their families, and their community
• Studies of sport-related transmission show that the brief interactions which occur during these activities increase transmission risk, even if it’s less than 15 minutes
• Competitions and tournaments also increase the risk of spread through additional interactions like riding on team buses and interacting/congregating in locker rooms

This information is provided to you in order for you to make an informed choice for your child regarding their participation in these activities, as you know your child and their circumstances best.

Health Risk Communication.pdf, 144.64 KB; (Last Modified on July 27, 2022)