Programs and Services

Counseling services are at the core of students' experiences as they proceed smoothly from one grade to the next. Special programs are in place at each grade level to address the appropriate issues for students at each age and stage of development.

School Counselors at Scarsdale High School are called Deans. A Dean has extensive training in human behavior, personal counseling, interpersonal skills and college and career counseling. A Dean is a counselor, an advisor, a teacher, a listener and a primary support person who works with students and parents, both separately and together, on developmental issues, course planning, college planning and problem solving.

Students are assigned a Dean upon entering the high school and remain with their Dean until graduation. Deans and teachers work together closely to make the high school experience a rich and rewarding one for each student.

The Dean is often the first person parents contact regarding any questions or concerns about the student or about the high school. Deans respect the confidentiality of the relationship they form with students and their families. They seek to understand the expectations and concerns parents have and advise accordingly. Requests for family continuity with a Dean are honored.

As a general rule, if you have a question or concern about your child, contact the Dean, who will either answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate person. Some guidelines are listed below.


Please call your Dean when you:

  1. Have a concern regarding your child
  2. Would like to check on your child's general progress
  3. Have information to share
  4. Have not received your child's report card
  5. Have a personal matter to discuss
  6. Have a question regarding your child's schedule or course selection
  7. Do not know whom else to ask!

Do not call the deans if you:

  1. Want to report an absence for illness (call the Attendance Office, 721-2510)
  2. Wish to reach a teacher (call the General Office, 721-2500, to leave a message)
  3. Have a problem with lockers or lost books (call General Office, 721-2500)


We encourage you to advise the Dean of any major change in your family (such as divorce, separation, remarriage, death, etc.) that might affect your child. Although it is up to you to decide how much information you wish to share, remember that the more a Dean knows about your child, the more he or she is able to offer comfort, support, and guidance. It is also part of the Dean's responsibility to inform the teachers of any major changes in the child's life so that the teachers can also be supportive. This kind of information sharing is only done with your consent.