Skiing is a no-cut sport but racers must show that that they can safely make it down the mountain (the equivalent of Competition trail at Thunder Ridge Ski Area or Catamount/Race Slope trails at Catamount)
Teams will be determined by Time Trials held at TBA on December 9th (backup January 16th) for:   
Boys' Varsity (10 members)
Girls' Varsity (10 members)
Co-ed JV/Developmental Team (remaining members)

Players are expected to be present at all practice sessions.  Missing sessions will be incorporated into the coach's evaluation of players for the Varsity, JV/Developmental teams as well as their 3rd quarter grade and/or PE Exemption for racers grades 10-12.

Tryouts consist of assessments of individual skiing skills.  Players will be evaluated on fastest times, ability, and technique in SL discipline.  GS to be trained for by Sectional hopefuls.

The coaching staff also tests the athletes for general athleticism.  
Players are also evaluated on their attendance, cooperation with other players and their ability to take direction from the coaching staff and captains.
Additionally, performance at races and Catamount time trials can promote movement of racers between Varsity/JV/Developmental teams.