Tryouts and Practice for 2021

Tryouts begin on November 14, 2022 and players must have their completed gold card from the school nurse. Information on how to get a gold card can be found at
Tryouts will take place at Bowlerland, 2417 Hollers Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475.
The bus leaves at 3:30 PM.

Players must bring their own equipment, such as bowling balls and shoes.

Players are expected to be present at all tryout sessions.  Missing sessions will be incorporated into the coach's evaluation of players for the Varsity team.
Tryouts consist of assessments of individual bowling skills, such as knowledge of the game, experience, eagerness to improve and the desire to compete at a fairly high level.
The coaching staff also tests the athletes for general athleticism.  
Players are also evaluated on their cooperation with other players and their ability to take direction from the coaching staff.