Assignments for Unit 7 (1920s to New Deal)

Posted by Laurence Brown on 2/13/2016

Due Date:

February 23rd:       None

February 24th:      Textbook (662-668)

February 25th/26th:  NO CLASS

March 1st:           Textbook (669-674)

March 2nd:           Life in the 20s (Jazz) None

March 3rd:           NO CLASS

March 4th:          Textbook (686-693)

March 8th:          Textbook (714-719)

March 9th:          Textbook (728-735)

March 10th:        Textbook (740-746)

March 11th:        Textbook (747-753)

March 15th:        OPEN

March 16th:        Unit Test (1920s through New Deal)

March 17th:       None


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