Unit 1 (Colonial Period to Independence)

Posted by Laurence Brown on 7/29/2015

Due Date:


September 2nd         Let's Just Say Hello


September 3rd         TBA (Flag Exercise)


September 4th         Handout on Christopher Columbus


September 8th         Textbook (pp. 57-59 and 73-76)


September 9th         Textbook (pp 66-70 and New England Primer)


September 10th       Textbook (p. 81 (map only) and 86-91


September 11th       Textbook (pp. 102 to middle of 109)


September 16th       Textbook (pp. 109-113)


September 17th       Textbook (pp. 114-119)


September 18th       Textbook (pp. 124-129)


September 22nd      Unit Test No. 1


September 24th      Current Events No. 1 





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