Assignments for Unit 9 (1950s to Vietnam)

Posted by Laurence Brown on 5/17/2016

Due Date:
April 12th:    Textbook (851-857)
April 13th     Textbook (864-869)
April 14th     Textbook (870-874)
April 15th      Library
April 19th      Textbook (879-882)
April 20th      OPEN 
April 21st      Library
April 22nd     OPEN
May 3rd        Current Events
May 4th        Textbook (896-897, 906-908)
May 5th        Textbook (898-902)
                    Presentation:  Cuban Missile Crisis (Cohen, Shenberg, Murphy)
May 6th         Textbook (908-909)
                     Presentation:  Assassination of JFK (Rakoff, Frydman, Chamlin)
May 10th       Textbook (910-917)
May 11th        Textbook (948-953)
                      Presentation:  Roe v. Wade (Wolfe, Wolloch, Joyce, Sherr)
May 12th       Textbook (922-932)
May 13th       Textbook (978-983)
May 17th       Textbook (984-991)
                     Presentation:  My Lai Massacre (Singer, Muja, Schneider)
May 18th       Textbook (992-994)
                     Presentation of 1968 Democratic Convention (   Drucker, Yankou, Stern)
May 19th       Presentation:  Shooting at Kent State (Lloyd, Stiel, Glucksman, Ruggeri)
May 20th       OPEN DATE
May 24th        Textbook (1016-1018)
May 25th       Textbook (1012-1016)
                     Presentation:  Moon Landing (Cooperman, Arora and Lilly) 
May 26th       Unit Test (1950s through Vietnam)


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