Visual Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Del Balzo/Hiller on 9/3/2014

The Craft of Storytelling: The Power of an Image


Creating: How would you tell the story about your life after school through images? Use a storyboard to brainstorm how you would like to represent each of the following ideas. 
  • comfort
  • happiness
  • fear
  • challenge
  • accomplishment

Once you have taken the photos, upload the images to the respective folders (i.e. comfort, happiness, fear, etc.) in Google Docs.

Reviewing, revising, and reflecting:
  • Students received peer feedback in class about their storyboards and revised the images to express their ideas in the most effective way. 
  • They paid close attention to the shot type (i.e. close-ups, medium shots, wide shots) and how they wanted to express each idea.  
  • Grade 7 (Del Balzo): Calvin & Hobbes assignment
  • Grade 8 (Hiller): Students wrote a reflection about the process of creating the story of your life after school.