Assignments for Unit 9 (Public Policy Presentations)

Posted by Laurence Brown on 3/15/2016

Beginning on Monday, March 21st, students will give an oral presentation on public policy topics that they have researched (or should have researched!) over the last four weeks.  The presentation schedule is posted below AND in the Classroom. 
In addition, on April 1st, 8th and 15th, there will be a short quiz on various macroeconomic topics to keep students comfortable with the materials that have been covered throughout the year. 
Section I
March 21st -- (Tanzer) -- Immigration reform 
March 23rd -- (Glaser) -- Technology and Employment 
March 30th -- (Squadron/Fried) -- Flat tax 
March 31st -- (Stevens/Lonner) -- Capital punishment
                    (Zacharia/Stern) -- Privatizing prisons 
April 1st -- (Bernstein, Jacob) -- Eliminate the penny
                                               CUMULATIVE QUIZ NO. 1 
April 4th  -- (Meyers/Roman) -- Campaign finance law
                 (Jacobson) -- Compulsory voting 
April 6th --  (Berke) -- Legalization of marijuana
                  (Lubin/Stone) -- Lower drinking age
April 7th -- (Braun) -- Eliminate teacher tenure
April 8th (Dolsten) -- Obamacare  
                               CUMULATIVE QUIZ NO. 2
April 11th  --  (Wang) -- Refugee crisis  
April 13rd -- (Musoff/Doyle)  -- Puerto Rican statehood  
April 14th -- (Worsley, Zaklama, Martin) -- Mandates of Obamacare 
April 15th -- Preparation for Final Exam 
                   CUMULATIVE QUIZ NO. 3
April 18th -- OPEN 
Section II
March 21st -- (Henkoff/Malsch) -- Obesity  
March 22nd -- (Wong) -- Criminal justice
                     (Naeem/Yao) -- Prison reform
March 29th -- (Zachem) -- Euthanasia
                    (Wallach/Haller) -- Legalize prostitution
March 31st -- (Gliedman/Weissman) -- Virtual payment systems 
April 1st -- (Stonberg/Krevitt/Abbe/Berman) -- Eliminate the penny 
                                                                    CUMULATIVE QUIZ NO. 1
April 4th -- (Kline/Weissman) -- Lower drinking age
April 5th -- (Politi) -- Nuclear fuel cycle
                 (Abe/Guo) -- Renewable energy
April 7th -- (Pogostin) -- Free college education
April 8th -- (Goldberg) -- Food waste in America 
                                    CUMULATIVE QUIZ NO 2
April 11th -- (Cotter/Blank) -- Illegal immigration 
April 12th -- (Landau/Lefkowitz/Fialkow) -- Eliminate teacher tenure    

April 14th -- (Smith/Moser) -- Carbon tax   

April 15th -- Preparation for Final Exam
                  CUMULATIVE QUIZ NO. 3
April 18th/19th -- OPEN 


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