Assignments for Unit 5 (Reconstruction and Post-Reconstruction America)

Posted by Laurence Brown on 1/3/2016

Due Date
January 5th:        Cities/Political Machines
                            (HW:  Group A:  Textbook 498-504
                                      Group B:  Textbook 518-523)
January 6th:       Library (Am Stu project)
                            HW:  None
January 8th:        Muckrakers
                            (HW:  Handout)
January 12th:       Reforming the Workplace
                             (HW:  Textbook 552-557)
January 13th:      Reforming Society
                            (HW:  Textbook 558-565)
January 14th:     Populism
                           (HW:  Textbook 531-537)
January 15th:     MLK Day
January 19th:   Unit Test 


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