Assignments for Unit 4 (Expansion/Reforms to Civil War)

Posted by Laurence Brown on 10/28/2015

Due Date
November 5th:     Textbook (316-322)
November 6th:     Textbook (323-327)
November 12th:    Group A: Textbook (291-296)
                           Group B:  Textbook (303-307)
November 13th:  Textbook (297-302) and Garrison Reading
November 17th:  Paper on Causes of Civil War due
November 18th:  None
November 19th:  Textbook (368-374)
November 20th:  Group A: Textbook (382-389) 
                          Group B:  Textbook (390-395)
November 24th:  Unit Test No. 4
November 25th:  Current Events No. 1


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