Assignments for Unit 2 (Supply and Demand)

Posted by Laurence Brown on 10/6/2015

September 24th
Introduction to Demand (Both Sections) 
   HW:  Text (56-63) 
September 25th
Introduction to Supply (Both Sections) 
   HW: Text (63-71) 
October 1st
Changes in Supply and Demand (Both Sections)
   HW:  Text (72-75)
October 2nd
Classes Canceled
October 5th 
Supply and Demand (Public Policy) -- Reading
October 6th
Class Debate on Rent Control (Section II only)
October 7th

Class Debate on Rent Control (Section I only)
October 8th 
Price Ceilings and Price Floors (Both Sections)  
   HW:   Text (84-93) 
October 9th
UNIT TEST No. 2 (All Sections)
October 13th
Current Events No. 2 (Section II) 
October 14th

Class Canceled (PSATs)


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