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IDEO is a design firm that has informed our practice through its Design Thinking model. For more information, download the IDEO Design Thinking for Educator's Toolkit.

The MIT Media Lab

The Media Lab is one of the oldest university-based innovation centers in the world. A team from the Center for Innovation visited the Media Lab to learn about game design and to observe a laboratory environment that supports innovation. For more information, visit the MIT Media Lab website.

The Center for Education Innovation 

The Center for Education Innovation supports, connects and prepares vulnerable children to become productive members of a global society. For more information, visit The Center for Education Innovation website.
The Friday Institute for Innovation- North Carolina State University
The Friday Institute for Innovation encourages educators and their students meet the challenges of a global knowledge workforce by being forward-thinking learners and leaders. For more information, visit The Friday Institute for Innovation website.
Olin Innovation Lab
A space for future-focused technical leaders that provides an opportunity to collaborate with other industry thought leaders to look ahead for the next generation of leaders. For more information, visit the Olin Innovation Lab website.

Institute of Design at Stanford

The Institute brings students and faculty from radically different backgrounds to find solutions to real-world challenges. The life-changing experiences and solutions of students and faculty have triggered the Institute's explosive growth. For more information, visit the Instutite of Design at Stanford website.
The Brown Institute for Media Innovation
The Brown Institute is a collaboration between Columbia University and Stanford University that encourages and supports new endeavors in media innovation. The Stanford branch focuses mainly on media technology, while the Columbia branch focuses on content. For more information, visit the Brown Institute for Media Innovation website.

The Nieman Lab

The Neiman Lab is fundamentally optimistic lab attempting to figure out journalism's future in an Internet age. The Neiman Lab wants to find good ideas to help traditional news organizations find a way to survive. For more information, visit the Nieman Lab website.

The Khan Lab School

The Khan Lab School was founded to create and test learning experiences that center around the student. The school has a collaborative, project-based approach and does not have homework, grade levels, or grades - the school is mastery-based. For more information, visit the Khan Lab School website.


  • Solve for X

Solve for X is a moonshot factory. Their mission is to invent and launch "moonshot" technologies in hopes of changing the world into a radically better place. For more information, visit the Solve for X project website. 

  • We Solve for X

We Solve for X is a global community looking to create a global ecosystem of science and technology moonshots that solve big global problems facing humanity. For more information, visit the We Solve for X project website.