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Center for Innovation members have visited several innovation centers to gain insight into what other institutions are doing. Below are links to those centers:

Founded in 1985, the Media Lab is one of the oldest university-based innovation centers in the world. A team from the Center for Innovation visited the Media Lab to learn about game design and to observe a laboratory environment that supports innovation. 
The i-lab was founded in 2011 with a mission to promote team-based entrepreneurial activities and innovative ideas by undergraduate and graduate students from all thirteen Harvard schools.
The Center for Engineering Innovation and Design first opened in 2012. The center has acted as an educational resource, as well as facilitating collaborative design and interdisciplinary activity at Yale University.
Serendipity Labs, founded in 2011, seeks to provide inspirational, hospitality-based workplaces for businesses and independent professionals.
The World School was founded in 2012, operating as one school with many campuses in cities around the world. With a focus on innovative growth, the Avenues School provides an international system of for-profit private schools for students from the age of two to 18.
Yale School of Management
Since 1976, the graduate business school of Yale University has focused on educating leaders for business and society. Most notably, conducting education and research in leadership, behavioral economics, operations management, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and other areas.