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A Friend in Bead is a Friend Indeed!

Students at Fox Meadow participated in a school-wide Mask Chain Kit Bead-a-long via Zoom! The project was the brainchild of Fox Meadow PTA Community-Building Committee members Rachel Schmerin and Beth Altschuler. The pair partnered with Pam Moskowitz of 100PercentBeads in Chappaqua for the event. 

“We’re trying to create connection and community at a time when it’s otherwise hard to have a sense of community,” Schmerin said after the event. “We had almost 100 students participate in the bead-a-long across all grades.”

Students who participated received a package of multicolored beads, including the letters spelling out “I <3 Fox Meadow” (I love Fox Meadow). Moskowitz taught a group zoom class, with virtual students and children from each cohort, showing them how to start, build and end their mask chains. 

“Some children did school colors, some did rainbows, some did other patterns, but they were all able to express themselves and show their school spirit,” Altschuler said. “They were very excited to show their chains to each other during the event and at school afterwards.”

Schmerin said it was great to see children of all ages so engaged in the virtual event. 

“It was very Zen, they were really concentrating on their projects, but also excited to be doing something together,” Schmerin said. “It was great as a parent to see an event that was led by a teacher, and that made kids feel like they were congregating with classmates and peers in a safe way. “

Altchuler said she hopes this was just the first of many successful virtual events for kids that the PTA hopes to organize.

“This is our reality right now, and we’re working with what we have, and this proved that it can be a really successful event, and the kids can feel connected. All in all, it was very successful for many reasons,” Altchuler said. “The goal is creating student-centered, child-centered activities where it’s about the kids, and creating hands-on experiences. Kids are craving that, and we’re working to create more hands-on, student-centered experiences.”