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Curling, Up Close and Personal

two boys curling

Ever wonder what the insanely popular Olympic sport, curling, is all about?

Fox Meadow School students had the chance to get up close and personal with curling this week, visiting the landmark Ardsley Curling Center at the Ardsley Country Club, all part of a series of Olympics related activities meant to help them understand and enjoy the Olympics, while encouraging them to stay

Curling, the enigma that once every four years mesmerizes the Olympic viewing public, is actually a 16th - century sport where two teams take turns pushing large round “stones” down the ice while other team members furiously sweep using thin brooms meant to melt the ice and push the stone toward its destination.

With help from their teachers and a number of volunteers from the Curling Center, students got a chance to get out on the ice, don cute little blue booties that make it easier to slide, and try their hand at the sport.

Stacey Wierl, also known at Fox Meadow as Coach SW, explained that the curling exercise was just one of many Olympics-related activities enjoyed by the students. Among other things, they played handball, jump-roped, played floor hockey, and participated in other activities designed to keep them fit and encourage teamwork. They also incorporate math, geography and Make Space activities into their studies of the Olympics and Korea, and were entertained by a Korean dance performance last week.

The Fox Meadow Olympics came to an end on with an awards banquet, including medals!