• Guest WiFi

    The Guest wireless network is for visitors. Staff and students who want to connect to the internet from any of their personal devices while they are at school, should connect these devices to the BYOD network, not the Guest network, as the BYOD will automatically re-connect them every day, while the Guest network will require them to re-login sporadically throughout the day, every day. For instructions on how to connect to the BYOD network, click here.

    For visitors, the District has a district-wide Guest WiFi network, called SUFSD-GUEST. Once you connect your device to the Guest WiFi, it will redirect you to the Aruba Network Registration page (see the screenshot below). If it does not redirect you to this page, please open a browser. 

    Enter the following and then click Log In:

    Username: guest

    Password: mmmYYYY, e.g. “aug2017” if you are doing this in August of 2017