• Interview Each Potential Sponsor

    Work with your mentor to prepare questions to ask in order to best determine which site and sponsor is best for you and your Senior Option choice. Consider what you would like to spend your time doing: What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish? 
    Have these ideas in mind when you call a potential sponsor then be prepared to ask questions.

    Possible questions could include: 

    • Can you describe what a typical day would look like? 
    • What will be some of my responsibilities?
    • Will I be working with my direct supervisor or with someone else?
    • How much time will I be working independently, shadowing others, working on teams etc.?
    • How much office work (filing, photocopying,etc.) will I be asked to contribute?
    • Have you ever sponsored a senior options student before?
    • What are your expectations for me during the internship?
    • Are there any skills you expect me to have in advance?