• Welcome to Ms. Meredythe Nowak's webpage.


    Ms. Meredythe Nowak
    ESL Grades K-5
    Contact me at mnowak@scarsdaleschools.org

    About My Classroom
    • English language learners are grouped according to grade level and ability.  Groups can be as small as one or as large as six.
    • Students are scheduled to receive ESL support from a half-hour to a few hours  weekly depending upon their proficiency level. Entrance and exit tests are given to determine the proper group placement.
    • Homework is assigned as needed, usually to finish classwork or to study for vocabulary tests.
    • Report cards are distributed three times a year along with the regular classroom report cards.
    • Conferences are scheduled every fall and spring for grades K-2. Of course, I'm available to meet with parents at any other time during the school year.
    • Should any questions arise, please feel free to contact me via email.