• Instrument and Accessories Information

    Every child participating in the Scarsdale Public Schools elementary instrumental music program needs to either rent or buy the instrument he or she will be playing.  There is a list of vendors at the bottom of this page. 

    Each child also needs the
    "Accenton Achievement" Series method Book I for his or her instrument. Thesebooks can be purchased at your local music store or through Barnes andNoble.com or Amazon.com.  A folding music stand is also recommended to keep at home for practice.

    Here is a list of required accessories listed by instrument for the Scarsdale elementary instrumental music program

    flute swab and/or cleaning chamois with cleaning rod

    Two oboe reeds (always have a spare ready) and an oboe swab.

    cork grease, cleaning swab, reeds (box of 10, size 2 for 4th grade or 2 1/2 for 5th grade)

    Eb Alto Saxophone:
    cork grease, cleaning swab, reeds (box of 10, size 2 for 4th grade or 2 1/2 for 5th grade), neck strap (NeoTech Neckstrap is recommended)

    Bb Trumpet:
    snake, mouthpiece brush, valve oil 

    snake, mouthpiece brush, slide oil or grease


    Percussion students need the Accent on Achievement series Book 1 for Combined Percussion.  They also need a pair of drumsticks (size 5A is recommended but not required)

    To practice at home, percussion students need either a practice pad with its own stand or a snare drum.  Snare drums can be rented but practice pads are less expensive and are usually just purchased. 

    Later in the year, beginning right after the Winter Concert, 4th graders begin learning the bells and will continue to play the bells and other mallet instruments throughout the band program in elementary, middle and high school.  A set can be rented or purchased from your local music store.  Sometimes bell sets will come with their own stand and include a practice pad for working on snare drum skills.

    This alphabetical list is a partial list of vendors. They all provide very reliable service:

    Ardsley Music (914) 693-6639
    Eastchester Music (914) 779-6309
    Music & Arts Centers (914) 381-5205
    Ossining Music (914) 762-0877
    Sam Ash (White Plains) (914) 949-8448
    Guitar Center (drums only) (914) 833-9600

    Sam Ash 
    Rod Baltimore
    Modern Drum Shop
    Drummer"s World