What is the ASC Program?


    The Fox Meadow After School Clubs Program is a selection of after school activities designed to provide enriching experiences across different subjects.  It’s a great opportunity to engage with kids who have similar interests across classes and grade levels.  We try and offer a robust variety of clubs that are taught by talented specialists, both from within our very own Fox Meadow community and professionals from a number of local organizations.  The program is organized and administered by the Fox Meadow PTA and is not affiliated with the Scarsdale School District.   

    Are there any restrictions to participation?


    Your family must be a current member of the Fox Meadow PTA in order to participate.  Additionally, participation is at the discretion of the individual instructor for each club.  Sometimes a club is not the right fit- it happens!  We will do our best to find an appropriate alternative when possible.  It’s important to talk to your kids before signing them up for clubs that they may not enjoy, or for more after school activity than they can handle.


    When do clubs meet?


    In general, most clubs meet once a week beginning at 3:10pm.  In order to keep up with demand for some of our most popular clubs, we may also run a session from a session at 4:10pm.  We do not run any clubs during half days or holidays.  Please check the schedule for a complete list of sessions each session.  



    When is Registration?


    Check HERE for the current registration dates! 


    How do I Register?


    You can register online through this website.  The link for registration will be available only during the registration period.  You can review the steps for registration on our HOMEPAGE at any time.


    How do I pay?


    Payment for all clubs must be done on-line through PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and debit cards.  You do not need to have a PayPal account in order for your payment to be processed, but using our registration system means that your confirmation email for registration will come from PayPal.  If you do not receive an e-mail confirming your registration, you did not register successfully and your payment was not processed.  Paper registration forms and checks are neither available nor accepted.


    Why does the price of clubs vary?


    Each club is unique and pricing is determined by the instructors’ fees, the cost of supplies, as well as the number of times a club is scheduled during any given session.


    What is the policy on refunds?


    Our policy is that we don’t offer refunds unless your child is unable to participate due to lottery.  If you change clubs because of a lottery, we will adjust the charges in the case of a discrepancy.  Please check your shopping cart before you check out!  


    Is Financial Aid Available?


    Scholarships are available for those in need.  Completed applications must be submitted during the open enrollment period.  Please download a scholarship application and then make arrangements to meet with the Principal or Teacher-in-Charge to obtain an approval and signature.  Information about scholarships awarded will remain strictly confidential.


    What happens if a club is oversubscribed?


    Enrollment is NOT done on a first-come/first-served basis.  If a club is oversubscribed, we will use a lottery system to determine enrollment.  After the lottery, children excluded from their first choice club will have an opportunity to select another available club. 


    What is the LOTTERY?


    Sometimes clubs are oversubscribed, and the Lottery is our system for determining which students get to participate.  Priority enrollment is given to children who were excluded from the same club in the previous semester.  Additional consideration is given to 5th graders who will not have another opportunity to participate in the program due to graduation.  For all remaining children, we will run a random number generator to allot the remaining spots.  Other fun facts about lottery:

    • MULTIPLE EXCLUSIONS: Your child cannot be completely shut out from all first choice clubs due to lottery.  First of all, the lottery numbers are unique to each club, so if your child draws a low number it does not carry from one lottery to the next. Second of all, in the case of rotten luck, if your child is excluded from multiple clubs due to lottery, he/she will be saved from the club where he/she has the highest lottery number.
    • WITHDRAWING FROM LOTTERY: If your child gets a place in a club that has gone to lottery, but wants to opt out in solidarity with a sibling (yeah, right), or to join a different club with a friend who didn't get in (more like it), or even just to buck against the herd mentality (future leaders of tomorrow), you can give up your coveted spot for a change or a refund.
    • BRIBERY: Unfortunately, the number assignment is monitored by an upstanding Fox Meadow teacher and if any of the ASC Chairs get caught playing favorites or giving priority to friends, we'll be assigned to PTA Closet Clean-up for the duration of our tenure. 

    What happens if a club is undersubscribed?


    Sometimes clubs do not meet a minimum enrollment and we are unable to run them for a variety of reasons.  If your child is unable to participate in a first choice club because it was cancelled, we will give him/her the opportunity to enroll in another open club or collect a refund.


    When do I find out that my child is definitely registered for a club?


    Once the Lottery process is complete, we will be sending finalized rosters for each after school club.  These rosters are sent before clubs are scheduled to begin, and they are sent to the email you provided during the PayPal registration.  If you do not receive an email, and you believe that you should have been registered for a club, please email us immediately.  



    How will my child get to his/her club?


    Children in grades K-1 are picked up from their regular classroom and escorted by our chaperones to their respective clubs.  Children in grades 2-5 are expected to get to their clubs themselves.  Locations for clubs will be provided on the schedule, on the roster, and additionally to each teacher and chaperone.  Your responsibility is to make sure your child knows WHICH club he/she is signed up for on any given day.  We are happy to help him/her get there!


    How is attendance monitored?


    Both club instructors and chaperones take attendance to ensure that all children who were in school that day arrive at their assigned clubs.  If your child attends school but will not be going to his/her club that day, please notify the school office so that our chaperones are aware of the change.  


    Where do I pick up my child from an after school club?


    Each child must be signed out from the club by a parent or caregiver.  School is no longer in session, so you must enter the building through the main entrance.  Please not NOT use any other building entrances or enable others to do so by letting them in through doors that need to remain locked after hours-  you could be compromising the security and safety of any children or faculty in the building.  Also, please leave yourself ample time to park legally in the street in observance of any applicable "no parking" signs.  Do NOT park in the teachers' parking lot and DO NOT leave your car in the front circle while you “run in” to grab your child.  If you are unable to comply with these policies, or are consistently late to pick up, we will sadly have to penalize your child by restricting their participation in the ASC Program.  


    How will I know if a club is cancelled?


    Clubs are not held if school is cancelled due to inclement weather, or if the District cancels after school activities. The District's phone system will alert you to any official school closings.  If the cancellation is related to a school-wide closing, we will not be reaching out to parents individually.  However, if a specific club is cancelled due to instructor illness or other unexpected circumstances, we will make every effort to alert you to any changes.  If necessary, our chaperones will supervise children until they are picked up.


    What is the policy on Food/Snacks?


    There is no food allowed in any club classroom.


    What if my child has allergies?


    Our chaperones and club instructors are NOT trained to administer an epi-pen, and do NOT have access to an epi-pen from the nurse’s office in the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction.  While the classrooms in our school are nut-free, many clubs take place in common spaces that do not restrict exposure to nuts and nut products.  We do our best to limit children from bringing food and snacks into the clubs, but we cannot guarantee that any individual instructor will adhere to this policy as vigilantly as our own teachers and faculty.  If your child has an allergy that may result in a severe reaction, please reach out to us so that we can assess his/her safety in any given club and come up with an appropriate plan.  As a general rule, parents are not allowed in the classroom while clubs are in session, however, if your child has a medical or allergy issue, a parent or babysitter is allowed to wait outside the classroom.


    What happens if my child needs to take medication or needs medical attention?


    Please note that the school nurse leaves at 3:00 pm and her office is locked at that time.  We are not able to access medication or files during after school club hours.  Any child old enough to self-medicate must submit a "self medicating release form" signed by his/her physician and carry his/her medication.  Children who are unable to self-medicate must have a parent or caretaker available to assist them in case of an emergency.  Chaperones have a first aid kit to handle minor injuries.  They are not trained to administer medications (including epi-pens).  In case of an emergency, the chaperone or the club instructor will call 911 and notify the parents.  Please make sure you submit updated emergency contact information on the PTA membership online registration form. 


    What is the policy on disruptive behavior?


    We expect appropriate behavior, consistent with what is acceptable in any classroom at Fox Meadow.  If your child engages in disruptive behavior that interferes with the safety and enjoyment of other children in the club, you will be notified.  If the behavior continues, your child may be removed from all future session of the club, and potentially other clubs offered by the ASC program.


    How can I get involved?


    That’s our favorite question, and why we saved the best for last.  The entire ASC Program is run by a handful of volunteers who devote considerable time and thought to providing an enriching and enjoyable experience for Fox Meadow students.  We always appreciate feedback and welcome questions and comments (SASC.FM@gmail.com).  The ASC Chair position is a 2 year commitment, and if you have interest in finding out more we’ll happily take you out for coffee and try to sell you on joining the team!