• Injuries/Activity Restrictions 

    If your child needs to be restricted from gym for any reason, the Health Office requires a note from a physician. If an injury has been sustained that requires crutches, a cast, splinting or any other supportive device, please have your child report to the health office on their return to school.
    N.Y. State Education Law requires that all students actively participate to the level of their ability in the school's P.E. program. Students presenting doctors' notes excusing them from "all P.E." will be excused for a few weeks only.
    Beyond that grace period, a description from the physician of what the student can do must be received by the Health Office. 
    The original physician's note presented to the Health Office should contain the following information:
    1. the diagnosis
    2. a description of the activities that the student may participate in
    3. the duration of these limitations 
    The following form could be completed to assist the physician with item #2 (above).  Please then return it to the Health Office ASAP.

    When the injury has completely healed, another note is required, stating that the child is cleared to resume full participation in PE/sports.