• Types of Senior Options


    Types of Options



    Proposal, Application & Interview Process

    Full Internship

    Work 30 hours/week at an internship of your choice with a designated sponsor. At the end, you must reach BOTH 168 hours (166 for 2023) AND 28 days worked to complete your internship. Full virtual internships are NOT allowed.  If your site does NOT offer a full in-person experience, you may get approved for up to 12 hours of virtual internship with the remaining 18 in-person. 

    You will find your own mentor. 

    Mentors will be chosen during the week of 1/16-1/19 

    You will find and register your sponsor by 3/01 

    You will complete a proposal by 3/8 which will be reviewed and accepted by the Senior Options Steering Committee. 

    Independent Study

    Design your own independent study (can NOT be done in a group or with friends). 

    You must account for a minimum of 30 hours per week You MUST include a minimum of 10 hours or more each week of structured time WITH A SPONSOR that is RELATED to your independent study to help you with what you are working with on your project.  This can be  classes, internships, volunteer work.  The sponsor must help and guide you with your independent project.  This project must be independent of the business/sponsor.   

    The sponsor must be from outside of the school; if you have two sponsors, one can be from the school.   

    Independent projects MUST be very detailed and information must be planned over the 6 week period.

    The reason for an independent study is that you are looking to do something in which a sponsor would not be able to dedicate the full hours to you AND that you will need to work on this project independently in order to complete it (such as the example that we gave in which the student restored a car..A mechanic/auto body man would not have the 30 hrs a week to spend with a student working on restoring their own car, so he would spend 10 hrs each week with the mechanic and  would spend the other 20 restoring it on his own based on what he had learned that week).  Some independent studies will require that you work within the school building. 

    You will find your own mentor. 

    Mentors will be chosen during the week of 1/16-1/19.

    Independent projects imply you are working independently so these must be solo endeavors. 

    You will complete a proposal by 3/01  Independent Study Proposals will NOT be accepted late (no exceptions).  If you miss the proposal date, you must find an internship. 

    If you have a field trip, will be out, etc. you MUST hand it in prior to you leaving.   All paperwork must be received on-time by the deadlines (no exceptions).   

    In addition to a written proposal, you will meet with members of the Senior Options Steering Committee to discuss and seek approval of your project.