• (include 3rd Quarter Requirements here)
    • Using the appropriate proposal forms, answer the questions on a Word document.
    • After you have completed the questions on the proposal form, please submit your proposal by following the steps below:


    1.  Login to your Scarsdale Schools Google Classroom account and open the document titled proposal. Type your proposal and submit.   

    2. Your mentor will then read it and make comments. If there are any errors your mentor will let you know so that you can fix them. Once your proposal is approved by your mentor he/she will type in comments in the comment section.

    3.  Your case manager will read your proposal and make comments. You will receive an email indicating that your proposal was approved OR that your proposal requires revision. 

    • Other important details:

    1.  You cannot start Senior Options without an approved written proposal.

    2.  Your proposal is a contract between you, your sponsor, your mentor and your parents that describes in detail what you will do during Senior Options.

    3.  Your proposal cannot be read or approved without the Parent Signature Form first being completed and delivered to Room 309. This form indicates that your parents have read and approved your proposal.

    4.  If you are proposing an Independent Study, you will be contacted by your case manager to come speak to the committee personally about your proposal if not approved right away. 

    5.  You will be notified by school email on the status of your proposal and whether your proposal has passed, was rejected, or needs revision. Look for this notification on Proposal Reading Day (see important dates on the Senior Options calendar).