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The Interdependence Institute
Mission Statement


The Interdependence Institute promotes global awareness and fosters global perspectives. The Institute highlights curricular work being implemented throughout the District and creates opportunities for students and staff to investigate and understand the forces that are shaping our interdependent world, including demographics, economics, religion, and technology.  This K-12 initiative helps students develop the following global competencies to become active global citizens.

Global Competencies

  • Global Awareness and Knowledge

       - Develop local, regional and global sensitivity

       - Acquire geographic knowledge

       - Examine current issues and events

       - Connect local to global

  • Recognize Perspective

       - Counteract cultural stereotypes.

       - Deepen inter-cultural understandings through personal experiences and educational exchanges.

       - Recognize, articulate, and apply an understanding of different perspectives

  • Communicate Ideas

       - Apply critical and creative thinking skills

       - Listen actively and engage in inclusive dialogue

       - Frame questions, analyze and synthesize relevant evidence, and draw reasonable conclusions

  • Take Action

       - Engage students and teachers in authentic, experiential learning and service-learning projects

       - Adopt shared responsibility and take collaborative action

Steering Committee
For additional information or inquiries, feel free to contact Lynne Shain and Anie O'Gorman.
      Lynne Shain (co-chair)  - 
       Anie O'Gorman - (co-chair) -
      Barbara Laman  -
        Ann-Marie Nee  -
       John Harrison -
      Carole Phillips  -
      Gwen Johnson  -
      Heather Waters  -
      Jennifer Adler  -
      Marci Rothman  -
      Megan Lahey  -
      Michael McDermott  -
      Sylvie Corten  -
       Shaun Johnson  -
      José Toscano  - 
Scarsdale teachers believe in the importance of being globally connected. Activities that raise global awareness and explore international perspectives happen in Scarsdale on a regular basis and can range from brief classroom activities to broad district-wide initiatives. Please help share your wonderful international endeavors with other teachers and the community! 
We encourage faculty members to highlight this exciting work on the Interdependence Institute's schoolwires pages or twitter feed. Feel free to contact Shaun Johnson to showcase your work on twitter or to add an event to our calendarTwitter is the perfect platform to showcase interdependence activities quickly. You can also simply use our hashtag #interdependenceInst or mention us @InterdependenceInst to highlight your work. Shaun can then re-tweet those activities from our page. To add or update a schoolwires page to illustrate your work on the global competencies listed above, contact José Toscano and Shaun Johnson.