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    Libraries Build Independent Learners Through Information Fluency and Inquiry

    The goal of the Scarsdale librarians is to encourage every student to develop a life-long love of literature and research. A collaborative approach between the librarian and the classroom teacher allows for authentic teaching of literature and information fluency skills and strategies. Students need to use the skills of inquiry to learn essential content and to construct new meaning. Instruction, designed around an inquiry framework, generates active learning and the formation of new understandings.

    The information fluency skills required for independent and lifelong learning follow a coherent developmentally appropriate continuum of instruction and practice throughout grades K-12. This enables all of our children to succeed in our ever-expanding information rich world.
    Third Grade
    Grade 3 students are developing the following skills:
    ● Using both fiction and non-­fiction material at an appropriate reading level
    ● Identifying and discussing the problems and solutions in stories
    ● Reflecting on text during reading or listening
    ● Generating questions during reading and research
    ● Understanding the concept of 'keywords’ as a research tool
    ● Recognizing the structure and purpose of the Dewey Decimal System
    ● Using author, title, subject or keywords to search the online catalog
    ● Using a variety of sources for research projects
    ● Employing simple note-­taking techniques
    ● Understanding the need to cite resources
    ● Retrieving pertinent information in charts, captions, and sidebars
    Using online and print resources with guidance


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