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 Mystery Reader 2016-2017
In October we kick started our mystery reader program.  We welcomed Megan Rosen. She read us a book called Fright Club by Ethan Long. Students made magnetic Halloween decorations and completed a Halloween word search. A good time was had by all.  
Our second October mystery reader was Elizabeth Macisco. She read us a story called Stella Remembers from Roots and Rainbows, Thoughtful Awareness with Children by Merrilee Narensky. She taught students some breathing techniques to help calm our minds and bodies. Students also made colorful calming jars. We're trying to be more mindful of our health. 

In November, we welcomed Lauren Grossberg as our mystery reader. She read us a book called Derek Jeter Presents, Night At The Stadium by Phil Bildner and illustrated by Tom Booth.  Ask your child what this book was about. Students made books about what they are thankful for. 

Our next mystery reader was Anita Singhal. She read us a book called Thank You Sarah, The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson.  Mrs. Singhal led a discussion with students about having courage. Students drew a photo of something they needed the courage to overcome. Then photos were framed. 

In December, we welcomed Mrs. Jodi Keller. She read us a book called Rocket Writes A Story by Tad Hills.  Students made snowmen for the art activity. 
Our next mystery reader was Lori Harrison. She read us a story called The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. Students created a picture on blank puzzle pieces. Student then traded puzzles to put it back together.  

Our first mystery reader was Shirley Kong. She read us a book called It's Time To Sleep You Crazy Sheep by Alison Ritchie.  Students participated in a discussion about the importance of sleep. Students made sheep just like the ones in the story. 

Our next mystery reader was Angela Liu. She read us a book called Otis and the Puppy by Loren Long. As a project, students made book marks. 

Our first mystery reader this month was Leah Dembitzer. She read us some poetry by Langston Hughes. We talked about how the poems made us feel and the pictures we formed in our heads as the words were read aloud. The next book she read us was  The Quickest Kid in Clarksville by Pat Zietlow Miller. Students had various coloring activities and word searches to complete as an activity. 

Our next mystery reader was Mr. Ostfeld. He read us a book called If I Built A House by Chris Van Dusen.  He talked to us about his job as an architect. As an activity, he taught us how to draw houses just by drawing a simple square. 

Our mystery reader this month was Bonnie Greenwald. She read us a book called Pearla and Her Unpredictable Perfect Day by Rachel Lieberman and Chatur The Laundry Man by Subhash Kommuru. Ask your child about the lessons learned in each book. As an activity, the students made slime. It was a fun time!