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    This month we have been busy celebrating the richness and diversity of our wonderful Greenacres community!
    Click here to see the photos from the 2012 Luncheon.
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     to view the ARGENTINA web site from the presentation on March 19, 2012 by Paula
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    Gonzalo Arges and Mariano Aldrete for designing the web site. 
    to view images from the Pakistan presntation on March 21, 2012 by Saima Jamil.
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    to view images from the Brazil presentation on March 28, 2012 by Jessica Goldman.
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    And don't forget to come to the library and take a close look at our Multicultural display! display  
    If you'd like to see a few fun facts and pictures submitted by your Greenacres friends, keep on reading.


    Did you know that Sand Storms are formed by a very strong wind in the desert?

    They look like a traveling wall of sand!


    Did you know that the African Continent has the largest game (wild animal) parks in the world?

    The largest one is Kruger Park in South Africa



     Did you know that the Red Cross and  Red Crescent museum is located in the city of Geneva in Switzerland?

    It is dedicated to the work of Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross.

     Did you know that Baseball is the National Sport of Cuba, Dominican Republic AND USA?



    Did you know that the Royal Guards in London, England are The Queen's guard?

    Here you see the Queen's Household Cavalry at the House Guard Arch. This is the official main entrance to Buckingham Palace.


    Did you know that the San people are the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa?


    Their rock paintings can be found in KwaZula-Natal, Eastern Cape and the Western Cape provinces of South Africa.


    What else do you know about this wonderful world ?

    Let us know by taking this quiz now.


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