Artful Looking

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    Artful Looking is a PTA-sponsored program that introduces students to significant works of art with a focus on masterpieces in our own backyard (the museums of New York City!). Learning to look at a work of art sharpens children’s critical thinking and observation skills, and broadens their cultural awareness and appreciation for aesthetics both in fine art and their everyday surroundings. In the classroom, parent volunteers present works of art, facilitate discussion and lead a multi-disciplinary project with the class.

    Artful Looking is one of the few opportunities for parents to be a part of the classroom experience at Greenacres. Two (2) volunteers are needed per classroom. No prior art, art history or teaching experience is required. All one needs is the dedication and enthusiasm to learn and to teach.


    Volunteer responsibilities include:

    - One mandatory workshop in late September/early October (time and location TBD).  An overview of the program and/or any additional Information will be provided to all volunteers at this meeting or prior.

    - Four in-class sessions of approximately one hour each

    - Partner with other class volunteer (and teacher) to coordinate the dates and session plans


    Please email program co-chairs Lauren Bender  or Jordana Lambert, the program co-chairs, with any questions.  

    Click HERE to volunteer.  
    Also, please sign up again even if you expressed interest last June.  
    Thank you!
    Please review and prepare prior to in-class sessions. Please click on the links below to access our program syllabus, divided by grade for ease of reference. The Introduction section applies for volunteers in all the grades and it contains a helpful summary of the Elements of Art. For grades kindergarten through 4th, there are four in-class sessions per year. Within each grade's syllabus, at the end of the information summary for each session, you will find a page listing a project (or multiple projects) for the students and/or some notes. Please be sure to review the entire session and its related project/s in advance to properly prepare for the classroom. 
    Listed below each syllabus is a pdf version of the in-class slide presentation for those unable to view the keynote presentations below. Please review these before your in-class sessions so you are familiar with each slide that will be shown to the class including, for example, close-up views or side-by-side comparisons.


    For use during in-class sessions.  Please click on the links below to access the Keynote program containing slides for use in the classroom. The link may take a few minutes to open so please be patient.


Last Modified on September 22, 2019