At Greenacres Elementary School environmental stewardship is a value our kids embrace every day.  Through sustainability initiatives such as our composting program, zero-waste school events, walking school bus, and many other initiatives listed below, our kids, parents, teachers and staff are all making GA a model of sustainable living.  Greenacres is proud to be leading the way to a greener and healthier earth!


    Please click on the links below to learn more about our Greenacres environmental initiatives!


    Battery Recycling


    Lunchroom Food Scrap Recycling & Recycling Rangers


    Classroom/Snacktime Food Scrap Recycling


    No Idling


    Walking School Bus


    Earth Day Assemblies & Events


    Zero Waste School Events


    Sneaker Recycling Drives


    Reusable Water Bottles, Containers and Utensils


    Support the Village of Scarsdale Food Scrap Recycling Program



    Questions?  Want to get involved?  Please contact us!


    Greenacres Green PTA Team:

    Midori Im

    Rob Snyder

    Michelle Sterling


    Greenacres Teacher Green Team

    Sharon De Lorenzo

    Mindy Genovese

    Jeremy Guski

    Deb Krisanda

    Nick Miller

    Sean O’Rourke

    Francesca Ross

    Rachel Witmer

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