Greenacres PTA Executive Committee 2019 - 2020

Greenacres PTA Committees 2019 - 2020

  • Please lend your time and talents to make the PTA’s activities and programs strong and effective. To volunteer to work on a committee, please contact specific committee chairs directly or CLICK HERE. A description of the committees and contacts are below.
    After School Clubs Committee
    After School Clubs (ASC) Committee develops, plans, manages and oversees all aspects of the After School and Recess Clubs for two 12 week semester sessions scheduled in Fall and Spring.
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Courtney Allen and Michele Dalton
    Artful Looking Committee
    The Artful Looking program (developed with the assistance of experienced museum educators) is a parent-led program designed to build students' visual literacy and critical thinking skills through studying works of art. Parent volunteers attend an annual training session and facilitate four sessions per year in the classroom. No prior knowledge of art or art history is required.
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Lauren Bender and Jordana Lambert
    Book Fair Committee
    The Book Fair Committee is responsible for a 2 day Book Sale where we offer discounted books. 
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Liz Magidson and Meg Simon
    Budget Study Committee
    The Budget Study Committee is the PTA resource on all issues related to the Scarsdale School District's budget and budget process. Responsibilities include attending budget study sessions and Board of Education meetings regarding budget items.
    Fair Committee
    The Fair Committee is responsible for all aspects of planning and logistics for the Spring Fair in May.
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Stephanie Kirwan and Iris Lindenbaum
    The C.H.I.L.D. Liason serves as the liaison to C.H.I.L.D. and communicates all C.H.I.L.D. announcements to the PTA. 
    Class Parents Committee
    Class Parents are a very important part of the Greenacres PTA. The primary goal of class parents is to support and build community within the classroom. Class parents also serve as a communication liaison between the classroom families and the PTA. Every class will have two class parents. Responsibilities include disseminating information and corresponding with parents throughout the year, collecting money and purchasing gifts, assisting the teacher as needed, volunteering at PTA sponsored events, coordinating grade level events/initiatives for the PTA. 4th & 5th grade Class Parents are responsible for coordinating food/drink for Colonial Day and Heritage Night. Your Class Parents will contact you at the beginning of the school year.
    Classical Cafe Committee
    The Classical Cafe Committee is responsible for organizing the Classical Cafe Events during lunch.
    Community Service Committee
    The Community Service Committee organizes several drives throughout the school year that serve to teach our children the valuable lesson of “giving back”. 
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Melissa Eisenberg and Erika Rublin
    Compact Committee
    The Compact Committee is a school based organization that gives equal opportunity for parents, teachers, administrators and the community to work on school related issues. The committee consists of the principal, two teachers and three parents.
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Jen Fischer , Maddy Landauer and Meg Simon
    Cultural Arts Committee
    The Cultural Arts Committee helps coordinate assemblies on diverse subjects designed to appeal to various interests and grade levels. 
    Environment and Sustainability Committee
    The Environmental & Sustainability Committee collaborates with the school administration and faculty to identify ways that the school can be more environmentally friendly. The committee also educates our students (and their families) about adopting practices that will minimize harm to the environment. 
    FUNdraising Committee
    The FUNdraising Committee plans the fall FUNraiser in November. The FUNdraising Committee also coordinates a specific concept/product (i.e. spiritwear, labels, pro-sports games, etc). Responsible for the design, production and marketing of spirit wear.
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Liz Brucker, Jen Galeon and Meg Simon
    Fifth Grade Year End Committee
    The Fifth Grade Year End Committee oversees the end of the year activities and projects for the 5th grade class. These activities include, but are not limited to, special events like Movie Night (Nov), Zany Olympics (April), Moving Up Ceremony (June), Field Day (June) and Pool Party (June).
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Danielle Shelov, Meg Simon and Stephanie Stern
    Greenacres Neighborhood Association Liaison
    GA Neighborhood Association Liaison serves as the Greenacres PTA's point of contact with the Greenacres Neighborhood Association.
    LIAISON: Ralph Geer
    Learning from Our Differences Committee
    The Learning from our Difference Committee organizes live presentations for each grade that educate our children on physical and mental differences.  
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Rachel Krisbergh
    Library Committee
    The Library Committee assists the school librarian on a regular basis, according to a schedule set up by each member.
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Stephanie Wechsler
    Lunch Program Liaison
    The Lunch Program Liaison serves as the Liaison to the District Lunch Program.         
    Multicultural Committee
    The Multicultural Committee plans an event that celebrates the cultural diversity of Greenacres and gives students the opportunity to learn more about the world.  
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Lei Cai and Molly Tu
    Picnic Committee
    The PTA sponsors a Welcome Back picnic for the entire school community in September.
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Jennifer Kaplan
    PT Council Delegate
    The PTC Delegate is a representative of the Greenacres PTA at PT council events.  
    DELEGATE: Meg Simon
    Publicity Committee
    The Publicity Committee is responsible for disseminating information and pictures about PTA events to the local media. 
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Jackie Weppner
    Scarsdale Adult School Liaison
    Scarsdale Adult School Liaison serves as the liaison to Scarsdale Adult School. They are responsible for communicating programs to the community.
    School Picture Committee
    The School Picture Committee helps with the coordinating of class and individual pictures in October. 
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Maggie Sammios
    School Play Committee
    The School Play Committee organizes the school play with The Sand Box Theater.
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Kathy Stahler
    School Supplies Committee
    The School Supplies Committee coordinates the ordering and distributing of custom school supply kits for each grade level at Greenacres. 
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Katshuo Dechiario
    Sports Swap Liaison
    The Sports Swap Liaison acts as the Liaison to the PTC Sports Swap assisting them with volunteers and publicizing the event.
    LIAISON: Robert Jeremiah
    Staff Appreciation Week Committee
    The Staff Appreciation Week Committee organizes and executes the GA staff lunch which takes place in June.
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Liz Brucker and Jen Galeon
    Student Directory Committee
    The Student Directory Committee manages the online directory (School Bee) for the Greenacres School community. 
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Robert Jeremiah
    Talent Show Committee
    The Talent Show Committee organizes a school-wide talent show in the spring.   
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Jenna Volpi and Jocelyn Zoland
    Walking School Bus Committee
    The Walking School Bus Committee coordinates and oversees the GA Walking School Bus. 
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Kathleen Bertini
    Welcome Committee (Kindergarten and New Families)
    The Welcome Committee is responsible for assisting and welcoming New Parents. Specifically for Kindergarten, they host two events each year - a cocktail welcome event for Kindergarten parents and a playground playdate for incoming Kindergarteners, siblings and their parents. They are also responsible for recruiting buddies for all new families.
    COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Ingrid Bastos and Saskia Sorrosa
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