• PTA Committee and Liaison Descriptions

    The members of the Fox Meadow PTA – parents, teachers and administrators, alike – share a common interest in the quality of education for our children. Our energies are focused in several directions: to conceptualize and implement programs and services at the school, to raise funds to support these activities, and to come together as a community. Working on a PTA committee will connect you to your neighbors and to your child’s schooling.


    Fox Meadow PTA Committees

    Abilities Awareness (aka Learning from Our Differences):  This parent-taught program exists in all of the elementary schools and promotes the understanding and acceptance of people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities through classroom visits and assemblies.  Chairs coordinate the parent volunteers who lead classroom discussion and hands-on activities to raise awareness about vision, hearing, speech, and mobility impairments as well as learning and cognitive differences.

    After School Clubs:  Students may choose from a variety of after school activities, including arts & crafts, sports, chess, and computer-related activities as well as early morning keyboarding (older grades only) and winter lunchtime clubs.  Chairs hire and schedule the employee chaperones and the independent contractors who lead these programs at Fox Meadow on school days, maintain the After School Clubs website, coordinate on-line student registration, handle tuition, payroll, and all club-related financial records.  More information is available on the FM After School Clubs homepage.

    Art Services/Visiting Artists:  Committee members assist Fox Meadow's art teacher as needed throughout the school year and with the set-up and take-down of the annual art show which takes place in front of the school on a weekend in early June.  This unique event showcases multiple examples of the work of every child at the school.  Committee members also assist Fox Meadow's art teacher with identifying and scheduling practicing artists for in-class visits to describe their careers and the inspiration behind their work.

    Auditors:  Members of this committee conduct an internal audit of the PTA financial records annually in July in accordance with the New York State PTA procedures.

    Book Fair/Book Swap:  This committee promotes a love of reading by organizing a two-day book sale in the fall as well as a mid-year book swap to encourage re-using books.  Volunteers organize, set-up, check out and clean-up after the event. Occurs in November.

    Budget Liaison:  Committee member(s) attend the day or evening community school budget meetings as well as the Board of Education budget study sessions that typically occur in late winter to keep the FM PTA informed on all developments regarding the School District budget.

    Class Parents:  Class parents work closely with the classroom teachers and are an important communication link between parents and school.  Chairs coordinate the selection of class parents in the summer before the start of the school year for all classes K-5.

    Classical Cafe:  The Chair works closely with Fox Meadow's music teacher to assist with these monthly student lunchtime performances and to coordinate room set-up, decoration and clean-up.

    Clothing Sales/Spirit Wear:  This committee designs and orders shirts, sweats, and other items with the Fox Meadow logo and coordinates the sale and distribution of all merchandise.  Sales typically occur at the beginning of the school year with additional sales during other PTA events, depending on inventory supplies.  Fair-related apparel sales occur later in the school year.

    Communications:  This committee is comprised of the following subgroups:

    • E-Mail Database:  The Chair maintains and updates the PTA database used for all weekly e-mail newsletters and occasional e-blasts from the PTA President.
    • FM Update:  The Chairs solicit news and announcements from the PTA committee chairs and liaisons.  The information is assembled and formatted into a weekly newsletter for e-mail distribution.
    • FM Website:  Help update our website throughout the year.

    Community Service:  The Chairs will work with student/teacher groups to broaden children’s understanding of community needs, both locally and globally, by assisting with various projects such as food drives and disaster relief throughout the year.

    Directory of Students & SchoolBee: This committee prepares the Fox Meadow School Student Directory, which lists all student and parent names, addresses, and contact information. Data is compiled over the summer and then formatted at the beginning of the school year for both an online directory and a paper directory. Fox Meadow has moved to an online directory that can be accessed by phone or computer. It enables parents to search by student name, their child or other children at Fox Meadow and be able to directly dial them from the phone. Parents can also search by teacher name. A complimentary printed copy of the Student Directory is provided to all PTA members and is typically published in late October.

    Diversity and Inclusion Committee: This new committee will enhance awareness of diversity and inclusion within the Fox Meadow Elementary School community.  

    Fair:  Each elementary school hosts an annual carnival on the same weekend date in the spring.  This committee organizes the Fox Meadow Fair, a fun-filled day that includes food, games, and raffles with each school class running a booth or activity.

    Fall Benefit (formerly Ways & Means): This committee plans and implements an important evening function that serves as our major fundraiser for the year and includes an auction as well as class raffles.

    Fifth Grade Activities:  Several subcommittees function in order to provide much-awaited “moving up” commemorations.  These include the fall bake sale at the picnic, the 5th grade trip in the spring, the American Games in February, the pool party, the graduation party, the yearbook, and a visual memories video.

    Hospitality:  The Chair coordinates all food set-up and decorations for the fall Open House in September and works closely with other committees for similar events such as the Annual Heritage and Book Discussion Luncheon.

    In-House Counsel:  This committee advises the PTA on any contractual or legal issues that arise during the year.

    Kindergarten Services: The Chairs coordinate kindergarten activities, including working with the Scarsdale Police to fingerprint kindergarten children as well as upper grade children new to Fox Meadow, if parents so desire, distributing the PTA gift of a snack bag to each incoming kindergartener, and arranging after school get-to-know you playground playdates at the start of the year.

    Learning to Look:  Learning to Look is a district-wide art appreciation program taught in the classroom by parent volunteers in grades 1 through 5.  Approximately 8-10 works of art are discussed over four classroom visits.  Presentations utilize a question/answer format with hands-on projects to encourage student participation. Volunteers are needed to teach in the classrooms but must attend a training meeting in the beginning of the school year and have time to prepare for the classroom visits.  For additional information, click here.

    Legislative Advocacy:  This committee coordinates with PT Council on legislative issues. The chair attends PT Council meetings and helps inform the community on legislative issues affecting the school.

    Library Services:  The Chairs work with the school librarian to coordinate all author visits to Fox Meadow.  During the school year, approximately three authors/illustrators visit the school to meet with students and sharing their experiences as an author or illustrator.  Committee members handle the sales and signing of books as well as the distribution of the signed books following the visit.  In addition, members volunteer to work in the Fox Meadow library and assist in shelving or relabeling books as well as handling special projects as they arise.

    Lice Check:  The Chair coordinates with the school nurse in the use of an outside agency to perform lice checks on all students during the school year per the schedule set by Scarsdale School District, typically immediately after a school vacations.

    Makerspace:  The MakerSpace at Fox Meadow was started two years ago by a team of teachers looking for ways to provide students of all ages with opportunities to learn about building, coding, designing, and creating. Our thinking is aligned with the maker movement that begins with the assumption that children learn by tinkering, playing, failing, and persevering as they learn how everyday objects work. The projects in the MakerSpace are always changing. Participants will study STEAM (science,technology,engineering,arts (design) and math), and the Makerspace will give Fox Meadow students other opportunities to apply their knowledge in a different, fun and creative ways. Students may meet before school, during lunch periods or after school through clubs. They will engage with the design process as well as make and construct exhibits or projects with their schoolmates. Some examples might be creating a box community in second grade which incorporates circuits, windmill power generators in third grade, creating arcade games for the FM fair, 3d printing parts for classroom use, and working on projects that inform the community on recycling and waste. Our teacher team presents at conferences and is in process of reaching out to other groups to connect and see what others are also doing. Parents and community members can join the School Makerspaces community on Google plus.

    Multicultural:  This committee aims to share traditions and backgrounds within our rich multicultural community.  Activities include a multicultural breakfast, a multicultural fair for the students, a heritage luncheon for parents and teachers, and providing buddy families for new comers to the area.

    New Family Buddy Program:  This new program will connect new families with a host "Buddy Family". As a host Buddy Family, you will help a new family become accustomed to Fox Meadow living, with friendly advice on what to expect as parents and students in the school and the wider community. It's easy and fun! All we ask is the Buddy Families meet at least once - after that, it's up to you! 

    Nutrition & Food Safety:  The Chairs keep parents and students informed about healthy food choices by submitting a monthly tip to the FM Update, by coordinating recipe collection and distribution, and with events such as the handwashing poster contest and Food & Veggie Week.

    Photos:  Chairs assist the professional photographers and staff on the day that school pictures are taken and coordinate the sale and distribution of the school photos.

    Picnic:  This committee plans and orchestrates the back to school family picnic in September.  All elementary schools in the District host their own evening event on the same date.

    Play: This committee works with an outside company that directs, choreographs and produces a musical in which about 90 children from grades 1 through 5 perform.  Rehearsals take place daily after school during the two weeks between the fall and winter/spring semesters of the after school clubs, culminating in a weekend performance at the school.  Chairs coordinate the parent volunteers who deal with costumes, ticket sales, backstage sound, lights, and curtains, program design and distribution, and who serve as child supervisors and callers during rehearsals and performances.

    School Supplies:  The chair coordinates with faculty in the Spring to create school supply lists for each school year.

    Staff Appreciation Days:  This committee plans a week long series of pop up events during the Spring to thank the Fox Meadow staff and administrators.

    Traffic and Safety:  This committee assesses, makes recommendations, and follows up on traffic, safety and security issues around the school.

    Walking School Bus:  Parent volunteer "bus drivers" supervise children as they walk to school from various locations throughout Fox Meadow in the fall and spring.  The Chair coordinates the routes based on student demographics and selects the drivers who lead them.

    Website: The Chair maintains the FM PTA webpages that are located on the Scarsdale School District's main website.  Responsibilities include updating information, posting volunteer sign-up sheets, creating electronic forms and surveys, and working with the PTA Treasurer and select committees to set up PayPal links and pages for specific events on the website throughout the school year.

    Volunteer-at-Large:  E-mails will be sent out when extra volunteers are needed for a specific activity.  Sign-up as your schedule permits.

    PT Council, FM Staff, and Community Liaisons
    The following are PT Council, FM Staff, and/or community groups for which FM PTA appoints its own liaison to keep Fox Meadow families informed about their activities.

    PT Council Committee Liaisons:
    Scarsdale C.H.I.L.D. (Children Having Individual Learning Differences): a network of resources, information, and support for parents and teachers of preschool and school-aged children who receive learning resource center, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education services, or other modifications or accommodations for special needs.
    Sports Swap: a District-wide tag sale of used sporting goods and other equipment held on a weekend typically in late winter.
    Young Writers' Workshop: an annual event featuring a keynote speaker and workshops for students District-wide in grades 3 through 5, typically occurring in early spring.

    Liaisons to FM Staff:
    Compact Team: a District-mandated committee that is comprised of the school principal, two teachers, and three parents who meet monthly to discuss issues relevant to the students.
    English as a Second Language (ESL)
    Multicultural Committee
    Performing Arts:  Band
    Performing Arts:  Chorus
    Performing Arts:  Orchestra

    Community-Based Organization Liaisons:
    Friends of Music & the Arts
    Scarsdale Adult School
    Scarsdale Task Force on Drugs and Alcohol