SAS Parents
    Parents are a very important part of the A-School experience.  Whether interacting through the SAS-PTA, as an internship sponsor or directly with the staff, parents make significant contributions to the education and moral development of our students.

    Application to the Scarsdale Alternative School

    The A-School sends student representatives to high school ninth-grade English classes in early February to explain the program to freshmen and invite them to apply. There is an evening informational meeting in mid-February which prospective parents and students are invited to attend. Applications are typically due immediately following February vacation. If you are interested in your child attending the Scarsdale Alternative School, please check back in late January for further information regarding the application process. 

    Core Group

    Purpose: Core Groups consist of a teacher-advisor and a group of approximately sixteen students, including sophomores, juniors and seniors. Groups are organized after Outing and begin meeting in late September. Core Groups meet each Monday during late lunch and sixth period. These meetings help build our community by creating close connections between students and teachers.

    Hosting: Each student hosts at least one, but no more than two, Core Groups during the year. We encourage our students to take the lead in planning to host a Core Group, but also recognize that hosts may need guidance from parents. The host is responsible for providing lunch for the group, which ranges in size from fifteen to seventeen students, plus the teacher. Lunch does not need to be elaborate. Most students provide pizza, pasta or sandwiches, in addition to beverages and sometimes a salad. Desserts are welcome, though not necessary. Some students choose to provide a more elaborate lunch to reflect a particular culture or food interest, but most keep it simple. Also, the host should provide for any student who has a particular food issue, such as gluten intolerance. Groups share this information prior to the first Core Group of the year. If a family has a financial issue that will make hosting a Core Group a difficulty, please contact Jen. 

    Timing, travel and location: Core Groups meet on Mondays. Students gather at the beginning of late lunch to carpool to the host's house. Students leave Core Group in time to attend seventh-period classes. If a host cannot have people at his or her home, due to issues such as renovations, the group can meet at the A-School building and the host can provide lunch there. Please contact Faye to arrange use of the building. 

    Supervision: An adult from the A-School is always present at Core Group. Each group has an adult advisor. If the advisor is absent from school, the A-School Dean or secretary will attend. If this is not possible, the meeting will be cancelled. Of course, a parent or other adult may be present at the host's home, but parents cannot attend Core Group. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's advisor or Jen. 


    Jeanne will present information about internship to students during a Community Meeting in early fall. At that point, students should begin the process of securing an internship placement. We encourage students to take the lead in finding their own internships. If you have a family or business connection that might provide a placement for your son or daughter, please have your child make his or her own phone call to secure the internship. This may be a challenge, but we hope this process will help our students learn to be more independent and confident. 

    Please be advised that internship schedules can be complicated. Some students travel back-and-forth to their internships more than once on some schools days. Keep in mind that the students are responsible for their own transportation. If you are planning to drive your child to and from internship, that is wonderful, but please do not sign off on a schedule which you will then have difficulty keeping once January begins, especially considering that driving conditions in January are sometimes challenging. We encourage students to explore options such as public transportation, including the bus service.

    If you have any questions about internship, please call or email the A-School. 

    Senior Project Information 

    As the culmination of their Scarsdale Alternative School experience, seniors will be participating for five weeks in the Senior Project at the end of the school year. The A-School faculty will present detailed information and instructions for this project to the senior class after internship. In February through April, students will develop proposals, which need to be approved by the faculty. The projects begin in the first week of May and end the day before prom. At the end of the project, seniors will present their work to their classmates, the faculty and the A-School underclassmen. Presentation days are typically the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week following prom. All seniors are REQUIRED to attend ALL of these presentations. Parents and other family members are also invited to attend if they choose. 
    More information about this program can be found on the Senior Project page.