SAS Senior Project Forms
    The following links below include documents that you will need throughout the Senior Project.
    A word on AP exams. Your AP exam review sessions count towards your total time for the week. The exam itself counts for six hours toward the week. A review session on the day of the exam cannot bring your total "AP time" higher than 6 hours for that day.
    Due Dates:
    Senior Project begins:
    Senior Project Presentations run:
    Below you will find the forms for the senior project proposals. These are the forms you will use for both the initial and final proposal. 
    Proposal Forms - INTERNSHIP Please complete digitally!
    Initial - Student information, Internship information, and Internship Description
    Final - All forms including signatures
    Proposal Forms - PROJECT Please complete digitally!
    Initial - Student information, Mentor information, Project Description, and First week schedule (including activities, goals, and tasks for that week!)
    Final - All forms including signatures
    Below is the weekly schedule form. Students must complete this each week. During the students' meetings with their mentors they are expected to have the schedule for their current week, and their schedule for the coming week as well.