• Message to Adults:
    webSometimes it seems that today's young people were born to own the open roads of the Internet. They get online and zip from site to site. Their fingers peck wildly at the keyboard in defiance of any formal typing lessons. And they freely use chat-speak that takes some of us adults a few moments to decode. But remember they are not naturally prepared for many of the hazards that await in the Cyber World. And they need the experience and wisdom of adults to help them anticipate and avoid Internet pitfalls.

    In school, we enforce the district's Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy each day. The policy provides guidelines that parents may want to consider at home. In addition, here are a few more things parents can try at home to provide children with framework for appropriate and responsible technology use at home: 
    • Place their computers in open rooms (not the bedroom)
    • Know their online account names and passwords
    • Limit online use to a specific time of day, preferably when there is an adult present
    • Remind them to keep personal information out of the Internet (where strangers lurk)
    • Reinforce the importance of messaging or chatting with a respectful tone and language
    For more tips on Internet Safety, please check the following resources:
    Kids.Gov Online Safety
    National Center for Missing and
    Exploited Children