• Mr. Tomizawa
    Technology Teacher

    I am so thrilled to be an elementary teacher in this age. You don't have to be a technology teacher, like me, to know that devices and Internet resources come and go, but not before leaving an impression on our youngest learners. As a technology teacher, I strive to ensure my students have positive experiences with technology. After all, elementary school is about building communities that care and support everyone in it. And that's probably my biggest challenge as an elementary technology teacher. Providing students with experiences that will elicit their best, heartfelt contributions to a classroom or global community. I want these to be cornerstone experiences that will serve them well as they grow older and technology becomes a more significant part of their lives. I want them to be prepared not just to be exposed to the unsavory side of technology, but to know how to manage these experiences when they do encounter them, and how to stick up for those who are unable to defend themselves or the ideals that keep their communities healthy and vibrant.

    With this in mind, in Scarsdale we provide students with opportunities to reflect on their understanding of curriculum through creative project work and to understand the meaning of digital citizenship by practicing it through blogging and commenting. This is the type of "rubber meets the road" learning with technology that will help them develop skills and positive mindsets in a safe school environment which I hope will serve them well in their student and personal life.
    We teach students to properly apply the tools of their generation to learn curriculum and pursue their passion, so that in the many tomorrows ahead, they will recognize their potential for unlocking mysteries and then, we hope, make a difference in their world. Read more about what's on my mind at the Edgewood TechBlog.

    The K-5 Technology Program
    Elementary students explore curriculum concepts and content through projects designed to satisfy district technology expectations. These expectations are aligned with the ISTE NETS standards and are achieved through collaborative planning and instruction among classroom teachers, technology teachers, librarians, and other staff specialists.


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