Welcome to the Scarsdale Alternative School!



    The Scarsdale Alternative School (SAS) was created in 1972 by students, teachers, and administrators as an experimental program within Scarsdale High School. The SAS community consists of five full-time faculty, one secretary, and 82 students, including sophomores, juniors and seniors. While many other “alternative school” programs today serve at-risk student populations, SAS was created by and for mainstream high school students who wanted more of a voice in their education.


    The Scarsdale Alternative School was designed to meet the following goals:


    • To establish a workable, democratic school governance system, a “just community.”
    • To promote students’ social, civic, and moral development in addition to their academic and intellectual development.
    • To create a sense of community where students and teachers learn to work together toward agreed upon goals.
    • To increase students’ freedom and responsibility in pursuing their own education.
    • To make the school less isolated from, and more responsive to, the larger community outside its four walls.
    • To emphasize cooperation, and eliminate the more destructive forms of competition.
    • To maintain the high level of academic achievement and excellence for which Scarsdale is known.

    More information about the Alternative School’s philosophy and structures can be found through the tabs to the left.The “Staff” pages include contact information for the school secretary, director and faculty.