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    Doug Rose
    Middle School Computers
    About My Classroom
    Although my office is in the Middle School library, I teach students from all four houses, in the Grade Six Computer Quarterly class as well as through the teachers I'm working with. All of our teaching spaces -- classrooms and labs -- have computers for a full class of students, a SmartBoard and Projector, and access to printers, cameras and other peripheral devices as needed. Lab computers include the school's full suite of software. Throughout the building, including The Center, students and teachers are able to use mobile carts of laptops, Chromebooks and iPads.
    Instructional Technology Support
    My interests include helping teachers think about the technology experiences they want their students to have as well as supporting teachers as they adopt technology as an essential part of their teaching. I am interested in instructional technology policy and assessment, Web 2.0 technology, geospatial literacy, data analysis and database design. I look forward to working with students in all three grades as they develop problem solving, critical thinking, and computational thinking skills through experiences with creative computing.