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    Sra. Barron
    Spanish Teacher / Grade 6 & 7 / World Language Department
    Contact Information: abarron@scarsdaleschools.org

    ¡Bienvenido a la clase de español!



    First of all, let me congratulate you! Learning another language is never easy, and it is especially more difficult when you have no idea of what is being said! But that is where the fun is! Some of the things you will be learning this year will seem easy; others will become much more challenging as the year progresses.

    Not only will you be learning new vocabulary and grammar, you will be learning, perhaps more importantly, that there are people from different cultures and traditions than you are accustomed to dealing with. You must learn to expand your horizons and acceptance of people who are different from you.

    You will also learn some of the survival skills of a language- how to get around town, how to introduce yourself, to ask and obtain information, etc. Hopefully, the things we will be working on will have a practical application for you!

    ~Office Hours~
    If you are having any difficulties, get help right away. Extra help will be after school in room T109 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you have received below an 80, I suggest that you come to discuss a strategy for improvement.
    See me, and we can make arrangements!

    Machu Picchu, Peru