• In the Middle

    Scarsdale Middle School's Computer Center newsletter addressing issues in the educational technology field and highlighting exemplary work in the Middle School.

    October 2001     New Initiatives, NETS Introduction link

    November 2001  Dateline SMS, Art Projects, NETS Performance Indicators link

    December 2001  Mr. C's Class, Social Studies Projects, Preliminary NETS Data link

    January 2002     New Teachers, Science Projects, NETS Foundation Standards link

    March 2002        Independent Science Research, English Projects, Ethical Issues link

    October 2002     New technology, NETS review link

    December 2002  Student Tech Assessment, Language Projects, Wiggins and the Catalog link

    March 2003        SMS Intranet, Virtual Drummer, Revised Catalog link

    June 2003          Computer Center Renovation, Internet Projects, iLife and FileMaker Projects link

    November 2003  OS X Features, The One-Computer Classroom Newsletter1103.pdf

    January 2004      Network Update, enGauge Policy Site Newsletter.1.04.pdf

    April 2004          Network Features, NECC Newsletter.404.pdf

    June 2004          eBoard, eZedia, eTech Mentors Newsletter604.pdf

    September 2004 Construction Update, eBoard, eTech Mentoring Newsletter.904.pdf

    November 2004  Tri-State, NSBA, SmartBoard Learning Newsletter.11.04.pdf

    January 2005     NSBA, Video Conferencing Newsletter.1.05.pdf

    April 2005          Tri-State, Tech Mentor Projects link

    June 2005          Tri-State Update Newsletter.6.15.05.pdf

    October 2005     Computer-Enhanced Research, iElectives, United Streaming/Marcopolo link

    November 2005  Tri-State Issue link

    January 2006     Tri-State Review, Podcasting news1.06.pdf

    January 2008     Web Site Announcement, Technology Planning 

    June 2009            link