• Objectives

    The Middle School computer curriculum continues to develop strategies and skills that were introduced at the elementary level. A centerpiece of the program is the use of multimedia and digital video to enhance curriculum projects.     

    The Middle School Computer program allows students to use software applications that support the school's interdisciplinary curriculum. Students have the opportunity to use desktop publishing tools, databases, spreadsheets, graphing programs, multimedia authoring and video editing tools. The goal of the program is to make technology transparent, so that students can concentrate on expanding their knowledge through curriculum projects rather than learning specific steps in computer operations.   

    Technology planning in Scarsdale Middle School takes place within several contexts. Teachers’ and students’ use of instructional technology is defined, in part, by departmental goals. The Middle School Computer Committee, a school-wide committee with departmental representation, reviews the use of instructional technology throughout the school. In addition, goals for students’ use of technology are often met through planning at the team and house level.

    Middle School projects over the years documenting educational technology, as well as the Tri-State Evaluation of the District's computer program, identify exemplary educational technology activities throughout the school. At the same time, they invite the faculty to think continually about reviewing and revising our goals for student use of technology, with a specific eye to consistent articulation, implementation, and assessment.  This process continues to be informed by the latest revision of the NETS standards, 21st Century Skills, and Information Literacy Skill from the ALA.
    Ethical use of technology is emphasized during computer classes.  
    The faculty — individual teachers and teams, working independently or with the school's computer teachers — design activities allowing students to meet the benchmarks identified in this framework. Student progress toward meeting these core proficiencies will be be evaluated systematically, as an assessment of an individual student’s preparation for high school as well as an ongoing assessment of the Middle School program.*
    1. Write effectively and design written documents (Word, Pages, InDesign).
    2. Create and use presentations and multimedia software (PowerPoint, Keynote).
    3. Use and create spreadsheets, charts and graphs (Excel, Numbers).
    4. Use and create a database (FileMaker, online databases).
    5. Design Web Pages (iWeb, Dreamweaver).
    6. Create/edit an image (Photoshop).
    7. Design objects, illustrations, diagrams (Illustrator, Inspiration).
    8. Create a movie (iMovie).
    9. Compose music (Garageband).
    10. Create a podcast (Garageband).
    11. Use Video Conferencing to access information and interact with people around the world.
    12. Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information.
    13. Use blogs, wikis, podcasts and other Web 2.0 sites.
    14. Use Google Earth/Google Maps.
    15. Use cameras and peripherals.
    16. Use probes to measure and graph data.
    17. Understand network operations and skills for basic tasks.
    18. Learn about safe, legal, responsible technology use.
    also, see Scarsdale Middle School's Acceptable Use Policy.   
    Grade Level Benchmarks

    Sixth Grade Technology Self-Assessment PDF

    Seventh Grade Technology Self-Assessment PDF

    Eighth Grade Technology Self-Assessment PDF