• The Scarsdale Sustainability Initiative

    Student Teachers plant

    Goals1. By 2020, the District will reduce its carbon footprint 10% below 1990 levels (Board resolution, 2007).

    2. The District's goal is to have a coordinated program of sustainability instruction for all students including:

    • Interdisciplinary approach in instruction
    • Emphasis on the global aspects of sustainability.
    • Equal access to ideas, skills, and dispositions that will empower students to meet the challenges of sustainability.

    3. We will increase the number of students studying sustainability issues in research programs, Senior Options, and regular course offerings (this implies additional research/inquiry opportunities in regular K-12 science and other classes).

    4. Students and teachers will use fewer resources and use them more wisely.

    5. Students and teachers will lead in developing and introducing innovative practices in energy production, conservation, lifestyle modification, food production, building technology, etc.
    What have we done?

    We have established a three-part plan
    that addresses Curriculum and Instruction, Behavioral Change, and Institutional Operations. We have identified areas for action, developed plans and presented them to the school community.
    Specific actions:
    • Professional Education: Summer workshops for approximately 60 teachers
    • Curriculum Units: Teachers have introduced units of study in classes
    • Print and Digital Resources: These have been added to libraries and classes
    • Student Activities: Student activities are focusing on environmental issues
    • Footprint Calculation: We've established carbon footprint measures
    • Facilities Plan: An Energy Performance Contract was completed in 2010 and has resulted in a 25% decrease in energy consumption.