• The Arts

    Current ComponentsStudent Performing
    • Jacob Burns Film Center: Emphasis on film and visual literacy and critical thinking. More than 1,000 students reached annually by JBFC programs. More than one hundred teachers trained to date.
    • Lincoln Center Institute: Emphasis on performance opportunities and access to performances aimed at developing aesthetic awareness and critical thinking skills. More than one hundred teachers trained to date. We are participating in an LCI-based assessment project that is examining the impact of LCI training and activities on students' critical thinking skills.
    • Carnegie Hall Global Encounters and LinkUP!: Global Encounters (GE). GE (secondary level) provides cross-cultural experiences and insights.  The program unites the classroom with the performance hall, giving students the opportunity to sing and play recorders at a Carnegie Hall performance.

    What Do Students Experience?


    • Lincoln Center Institute dance, drama, and music performances in Scarsdale.
    • Concert performances at Carnegie Hall.
    • Distance learning featuring performances by world-class musicians from Turkey and NYC.

    Visiting artists

    • Visiting artists work directly with Scarsdale students and teachers.


    • Scarsdale teachers prepare students for live or satellite Carnegie Hall performances.
    • Scarsdale teacher and visiting artists integrate Lincoln Center lessons into coursework.

    Professional Development

    • Sponsoring agency activities (e.g. Lincoln Center, Jacob Burns and Carnegie Hall -- workshops, intensive summer sessions, visiting artists)
    • Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall workshops are supplemented with curriculum resources, access to internet resource sites, and ongoing program consultation.
    • Scarsdale Teacher Institute activities. (Scarsdale participating faculty, visiting artists and others affiliated with one or another of the arts initiatives.)
    • Superintendent's Conference day keynote talks and workshop sessions.

    Impact on Teachers

    • Expansion of teaching repertoire
    • Renewed excitement and passion for teaching
    • Opportunities for sharing and collaboration
    • Improved morale