• The Arts

    The Plandance class
    Goal: The goal of the arts program is to provide students with equal access to ideas, skills, and dispositions that will empower them to lead productive and successful lives in the 21st century.

    Throughout the arts, and in collaboration with other disciplines, all students in their K-12 education will enjoy:

    • Experiences creating, evaluating and interpreting subject content.
    • Direct instruction in higher order thinking.
    • Interdisciplinary and other "deep learning" exposure to human cultures.
    Our arts program aims to inspire innovation in individual classes and among groups of teachers and students. These efforts spark interest in further program development through the following:
    • Individual teacher projects
    • Experiences shared by all students in a given grade level (e. g. kindergarten creative movement program linked with the Lincoln Center initiative or the fourth-grade district-wide participation in the Carnegie Hall "LinkUP!" program).
    • Experiences shared by some students in a given grade level or across grade levels. For example, the Jacob Burns Film Program and the Carnegie Hall Global Encounters Program.