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Mrs. Emma Wixted

 Dear Parents and Guardians,

            I would like to welcome you and your child to the 2018-19 School year.  I look forward to working with your family. As Popham House Counselor, I work to foster the academic and social/emotional growth of the students of Popham House. To achieve this goal, I enjoy developing excellent relationships with all stakeholders: Students, parents, teachers, and administrators.  Our goal is to work as a team to help young students negotiate the challenges and excitement of middle school.

            For me, the lasting bond begins the seminar class--all 6th graders attend a seminar with their house counselor during an academic quarter.  Seminar class provides students with the tools for academic and social success in middle school.  In seminar students learn about their individual character strengths and learning styles.  They learn how to manage group work, to self-advocate, and to set individual academic goals.

           Developing trust during 6th grade seminar helps conversations between the students and me when difficulties arise during the school year.

           Weekly team meetings, with teachers at each grade level provide, me with a way to monitor student growth and learning. Feel free to call at any time if you have academic or social concerns about your child, so that I can reach out to the teachers to get valuable insight into a particular issue.

            There are many opportunities for me to meet with parents during the school-year, at a back-to-school nights, parent coffees, and at 8th grade course conference presentations or informally in the halls.

            Middle School can be a challenging time for both parents and students, and I look forward to working with you and your child to ensure your child’s success at Scarsdale Middle School.

All the very best,


Emma Wixted

Popham House Counselor