Inclement Weather Communication

  • Updated 9/29/21

    Significant Weather Event - Full Closure

    The Scarsdale Schools will declare a “snow day” (full school closure with no remote learning) when we are expected to experience a significant winter storm or other major weather event throughout the region. There are two primary reasons for this approach. First, the reality is that significant storm events often come with extended or intermittent power outages, potentially limiting the ability of our faculty to deliver remote instruction. Second, we know a significant portion of our faculty will have childcare responsibilities as schools and childcare providers throughout the region are impacted. Together, these reasons preclude our ability to successfully and effectively provide meaningful instruction under these circumstances.


    Moderate or Uncertain Weather Event - Remote Learning

    The Scarsdale Schools will declare a remote learning day when we are expected to experience a moderate winter storm or other weather event, or when the event is uncertain in timing, duration, and/or impact. This enables us to continue instruction while making sure that our students and staff avoid potential issues with unsafe travel, especially knowing our faculty and staff commute from around the Tri-State region. The assumptions in this situation are that there will not likely be widespread power interruptions or widespread closure of schools and childcare facilities in the region, enabling our faculty to successfully and effectively deliver meaningful instruction.


    Non-Weather Events - Full Closure or Remote Learning (case dependent)

    The Scarsdale Schools will declare either a full closure (no instruction) or a remote learning day on a building-by-building basis when we experience a non-weather emergency. Examples include, but are not limited to, a loss of heat in the winter, a loss of power to a building, or a water main break rendering running water and toilets inoperable. When they do occur, these emergency situations are usually sudden, therefore notification may not occur until the last minute. When possible, we will shift to a remote learning day for the impacted school(s). However, some situations (i.e., power outage) may cause the need for a full closure (no instruction). This determination will be based on our ability to successfully and effectively provide meaningful instruction under the circumstances.


    Delayed Opening

    Scarsdale Schools will use a delayed opening (typically 2 hours) when additional time is needed to commute to school or to further observe changing weather conditions. When there is a two-hour delay, there will be no before-school activities. School will start two hours later than usual. Buses will run two hours later than usual. Buses to private school or other settings will also observe the two-hour delay.


    Communication of all Weather/Emergency Related Schedule Changes:

    Notifications to high school students, District-wide staff, and parents/guardians are made via text messages, robocalls, and by email using the Blackboard Mass Notification system. Additionally, information will be posted on the District website, cable TV stations (Cablevision Channel 77, FIOS Channel 27), and District Facebook page.  Local media will also be notified, including News12, NBC-News 4, WHUD-FM, Journal News/LoHud, Scarsdale Inquirer, Scarsdale 10583, Scarsdale HamletHub, Scarsdale Patch, and Scarsdale Daily Voice.