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    Fifth Grade

    Students synthesize topics and simple grammatical constructions to provide a sense of connection and purpose to their classwork.  The topics were specifically chosen to incorporate many of the themes studied in previous years. The common assessment for fifth graders is an oral and written project.  

    Curriculum Topics

    •   Sports

    •   Health and Welfare

    •   Shopping

    •   Phone Conversations

    •   Madrid, Spain

    •   Planning a Vacation


    •   SMART Board applications

    •   Frames

    •   Screencastify

    •   Google presentation

    •   Google docs  

    •   Voicethread

    •   iMovie

    At the end of fifth grade students are able to:

    •   Use numbers from 0-100

    •   Express likes and dislikes with a variety of topics

    •   Create and perform telephone conversations

    •   Perform a partner dialogue between a vendor and a customer

    •   Create an art museum tour

    •   Role play nurse/patient

      • d  escribe feelings and symptoms

      • gi Give simple advice

    •   Plan a vacation  

      •      Including location, climate, clothing, transportation, length of visit, travel companion