Ms. Katherine Marshall



Degrees and Certifications:

BS Kalamazoo College MS College of New Rochelle Certifications in Teaching Reading, Elementary Education, Administration

Ms. Katherine Marshall

Top 10 Important Things About Ms. Marshall

  1. She has three grown sons, a daughter and a grandson.
  2. She lives in a big blue house with her family, including her parents that live in an attached apartment, and her pets.
  3. She enjoys being a teacher.
  4. She enjoys gardening.
  5. She enjoys making things.
  6. She enjoys reading.
  7. She has competed in athletic events:
    • completed Ironman Lake Placid
    • won a bronze medal at the Masters World Championships for cycling
    • won a bronze and silver medals at the New York State Cycling Championships
  8. She enjoys playing the guitar.
  9. She is learning to play the ukulele and trying to learn Russian.
  10. She is happy.

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