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    CHOICE Humanities

    Scarsdale Middle School-CHOICE

    Mr. Daly

    Course Description:

     Humanities is the combination of History and English:
    You are a Historian

    In Humanities 7th and 8th Grade students follow the same curriculum. The Curriculum alternates every year. 

    During the 7th Grade Curriculum (1400-1865) CHOICE Humanities students have the opportunity to explore America as it was 500 years ago and follow the unique path of the earliest human inhabitants as they come into contact with explorers colonizing the American continents. You will examine the development of the United States of America and investigate the politics and culture of many diverse people, ideas, and traditions that have shaped the America we live in today. Primary source documents such as journals, newspaper articles, images, and speeches will help you to gain an understanding of the everyday life and attitudes of people during major events at different times in the country's history. You will be connecting the history you learn to why it matters in our world today.

    During the 8th Grade Curriculum (1865-Present day) in CHOICE Humanities students have the opportunity to explore the growth of the United States as an industrial, socially diverse, economic and military power! You will witness the innovations, social movements and horrific wars that shaped America to the global leader it is today. You will analyze these experiences from the eyes of the diverse and multicultural society America has developed into today.  Together you will examine primary sources such as photographs, quotes, newspaper articles, political cartoons, as well as radio and television broadcasts that will help us understand and analyze the challenges faced by the American people as America emerged as an industrial and military power, and struggled at home to live up to the ideas put forth by our founding fathers 

    You are a Reader

    If you haven’t already, you will develop a passion for reading. You will practice skills that will allow you to become an active reader; analyzing, inferring and discussing character, plot and author’s intent. You will explore nonfiction, poetry, fiction, fables, myths and current media.

    As part of the class, you will be asked to read historical fiction novels that coincide with the curriculum content. On your own, you will be asked to read several books from a wide variety of genres ranging from fantasy, realistic fiction, biographies, mysteries, sci-fi, horror, romance, and the classics.

     You are a Writer

    As a writer, you will learn to master note -taking, planning and outlining skills to help you express your ideas, opinions, and arguments in essay form. You will be asked to keep a self -reflective journal to help you focus on your growth as a writer. You will have the opportunity to also write nonfiction essays, fictional stories, poetry, and songs.

     Course Goals
    • Evaluate and analyze social, political, and economic institutions that have shaped the United States 
    • Explore the relationship between diverse peoples, geography, natural resources and the development of the United States
    • Analyze and make connections between the ideals of the formative years of the United States and whether they are present in our lives today
    • Effectively research, organize and present information
    • Successfully navigate and filter multiple sources of information for reliability, bias, and validity
    • Strengthen our ability to become self-reflective and active learners
    • Develop a deep passion and appreciation for reading and books
    • Master the skills, strategies and methods of an effective, analytical and independent writer

    Come to class prepared!

    Come to class having completed your homework and be prepared to participate. Bring all necessary materials to class every day, including iPad/pencil/pen

    Required Materials-
    • iPad
    • Pen or Pencil
    • The book we are reading together in class  (when applicable)
    • An open mind!

     Example Assignments

    • Class work:  research, debates, answering critical thinking questions, investigating primary sources, small group projects and tasks, discussing current events
    • Homework:  Reading your novel, reading your textbook, answering questions, taking notes, researching a topic, current events, completing interviews, smaller creative projects. Expect homework almost every day!
    • Tests and Quizzes:  Vocabulary, Multiple Choice, Matching, Identifies, Short Answers, Essays
    • Projects and Presentations:  Reports, essays and opinion papers, group or individual presentations, creative and artistic projects, dramatizations
    • Current Events: Students will be responsible for selecting a written article from a reputable news source, reading, and then reflecting on the article. The articles will be discussed in groups and then in class as a whole.
     Rules, Procedures, and Expectations


    Be Respectful!

    Humanities class is a time to share your feelings and ideas about past and present issues as well as our interpretations and opinions about writing and poetry. It is important that we develop a positive environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing and that we always be respectful to each other 

    Be here and be here on time!

    Discussions and other class experiences, such as simulations, cannot be made up. Much of what we will do each day is set up and discussed in the first 10 minutes of class. Excessive tardiness and/or absence will have an impact on your grade!


    Late work and Make-Ups

    Students are responsible for making up all work they missed during their absence from class. When you miss class, come see Mr. Daly to make a plan to catch up on your work in a fair and timely manner

    Grade Determination

    The most important factors in being a successful student are a consistent effort, the willingness to work hard and the commitment to improve!

    Grades are calculated based on a point system. Points are earned for various assignments and activities. Points vary based on the academic weight of the assignment. Grades/Points earned will be posted in Schoology. Please view Schoology for updates on your progress throughout the academic year.
    • Homework - 5, 10, 20 point homework assignments
    • Mini-Projects - 25-100 points
    • Projects and Papers - 100-300 point assignments
    • Tests and Quizzes - 50- 300 point assignments
    Curriculum Map
    American History: 1450-1870 [School years beginning during even years] 
    Unit 1: Citizenship, Civics, and Government
    Unit 2: The First Americans

    Unit 3: Encounter: Explorers and Natives

    Unit 4: Colonizing North America

    Unit 5: The 13 English Colonies

    Unit 6: American Revolution

    Unit 7: Struggles of a New Nation

    Unit 8: Westward Expansion

    Unit 9: Civil War

    American History: 1865 - Present [School years beginning during odd years] 

    Unit 1: Farm to Factory

    Unit 2: Freedmen to Freedom Fighters

    Unit 3: The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

    Unit 4: America as a Global Empire

    Unit 5: World War I

    Unit 6: The Great Depression

    Unit 7: World War I

    Unit 8: The Cold War and Computer Age

    Unit 9: America in the 21st Century 


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